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Knotting An extension of his leatherworking skills, Ron Edwards’ expertise with knotting both leather and rope led to the various books on knotting available here. A studio full of all manner of knotted objects hanging from the wall, and sitting on any available surface were testament to the amount of time he devoted to expanding his already vast knowledge on the subject.


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  • Knots for Beachcombers and Mariners

    Knots for Beachcombers and Mariners

    A low priced book on a number of interesting knots, including how to replace the coverings on fishing floats, and a number of different ways to cover rails, knife handles, and anything that stays still long enough to cover. Care has been taken not to repeat the knots already shown in the companion volume KNOTS, Useful and Ornamental, so there is a lot of new material in this book (though, for the benefit of those who only want this one book, there is also a section on the most popular knots). 32 pages, 238 drawings, plus 21 silhouettes of sailing rigs, like that below.

    Price: $16.00

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  • Knots for Horse Lovers

    Knots for Horse Lovers

    If you are into horses, you need this book. Step by step instructions on 29 useful knots and details of how to make two sorts of bridles, a headstall and a halter – all from rope. 44 pages, 235 drawings.

    Price: $16.00

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  • Knots, Useful and Ornamental

    Knots, Useful and Ornamental

    A low priced book on knots for most situations. Illustrates a large number of knots used for decorative work on board sailing ships, as well as the more practical ones, monkey’s fist, diamond knot, star knot etc. In addition there is a section on the common knots used on land. 36 pages, 248 drawings.

    Price: $16.00

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  • Simplified Turk’s Heads

    Simplified Turk’s Heads

    The turks head knot is a complicated knot used by most plaiters and whipmakers, and isn’t easy for the beginner to learn. This book reduces the process of making a turks head knot into a few rules that can be learned by anyone in a short time. 28 pages, 196 drawings.

    Price: $16.00

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  • Turk’s Heads

    Turk’s Heads

    A useful and decorative knot used by whipmakers and even sailors. This book presents the most common and useful turk’s heads,with step by step instructions. 36 pages, 406 drawings.

    Price: $16.00

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